A woman lifting weights.

Fit Tip: Quick Workouts to build strength and muscle

Posted On Oct 21, 2019 By James White

When I worked in a toll booth I would often get asked for directions. I would gladly help people if I knew where they were going. Often I would give clear directions and people would still ask questions like “but my MapQuest says to go here”.. or my gps... Read More
A fit man running outside on fallen leaves with a dog.

Fall Into New Workouts

Posted On Oct 18, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

If you are like us, summer felt like it went by fast, leaving us little time to think about fall and the cooler weather on the horizon. With winter approaching, take advantage of the not too hot, yet not too cold temps and enjoy your time outside. Soon you... Read More
A fit man using Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells.

Fit Tip: Amazing Arms Part II: Welcome to the gun show!

Posted On Oct 16, 2019 By Carolyn Gallagher

Beautiful, round developed shoulders are the foundation to amazing arms, but biceps and triceps are just as important. Developing curves and shape in the upper half of your arm involves working all three muscle groups at least once per week.... Read More
A fit woman performing a side lunge.

Fit Tip: Trouble Areas | The Hips

Posted On Oct 3, 2019 By Amy Kiser Schemper

The past few months we’ve been discussing “trouble spots” or “target areas”. While I agree with the popular saying that “you can’t spot train,” I also believe we can “target” these areas. We need to train... Read More
A fit woman holding dumbbells out to her sides.

Fit Tip: How To Get Amazing Arms - Part 1

Posted On Oct 2, 2019 By Carolyn Gallagher

People will complement a weightlifters arms almost all the time, no matter the size it is something people notice first. But in most cases what they are really pointing out is that person's shoulders. Think about it; unless someone... Read More