Quick Treadmill Workout with Intervals

Posted On Oct 20, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Man running on a BowFlex treadmill

Pressed for time? An at-home treadmill workout is a great option. For one thing, it's right in the comfort of your home, so no need to travel to a gym. The other benefit is that you can split up your workout into two 15-minute segments (morning / evening) and still get a great burn.

This quick 15-minute interval workout works best when it’s combined with strength training on your BowFlex home gym. It will get your heart pumping and exercise your entire lower body.

Incline Speed Time
1 3.5 (walk) 3 minutes
5 5 (jog) 1 minute
3 7 (run) 30 seconds
5 5 (jog) 30 seconds
10 4 (walk) 5 minutes
1 8 (sprint) 30 seconds
1 3 (walk) 30 seconds
5 6 (run) 1 minute
1 3.5 (walk) 3 minutes

Keeping it Interesting

It's important to mix things up, not only for the novelty of it, but also to achieve muscle confusion. Our bodies are like machines, and they figure out the most efficient use of energy to complete your tasks. To keep your body working at its maximum level (which burns more calories) cycle through different treadmill workouts during the week.

Steady State Workouts

These are when you walk or run at the same speed the entire time and don't adjust the incline. These help you build your endurance and are also good easy-day workouts.

Interval Workouts

These combine high intensity speeds with walking and difficult hiking inclines with flat surfaces to get your heart rate up. BowFlex treadmills are designed to cushion your joints, so it's better on your knees than doing a trail run or running in your neighborhood.


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