Father's Day 5K

Father's Day 5K

Posted On Jun 14, 2018 By Tom Holland

As the father of two young boys, I can say that the best gift I could receive from them (and their mother) on Father’s Day would be to spend quality time with the whole family. We all lead such... Read More
Fit Tip Thursday: The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout

The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout

Posted On Jun 11, 2018 By Tom Holland

Summer is right around the corner, which means we can no longer hide our bodies under layers and layers of long, bulky clothing. If we want to look great in shorts and on the beach, there is still time to... Read More
abs workout challenge for summer

The Core Challenge

Posted On Jun 4, 2018 By Jacqueline Mariash

With summer, come pool parties, family vacations and BBQs. During this time, we find ourselves paying a bit more attention to our waistline. Swimsuit season can be downright intimidating, if you ask me. So to make it fun, why not... Read More
Jennifer Galardi workout on the go resistance band exercises

Workouts On The Go: The Resistance Band!

Posted On May 31, 2018 By Jennifer Galardi

The end of summer is no time to slack on your workout routines. I've put together two mini routines you can take indoors or out to maintain your physique - and your confidence - as you make the most of... Read More
active healthy family

The Memorial Day Family Circuit Workout

Posted On May 28, 2018 By Tom Holland

Memorial Day: Officially the last Monday in May, it is a time when we reflect and remember the members of the military who sacrificed their lives for our country. Memorial Day weekend is also an unofficial kick-off for summer, when family and friends come together to... Read More