Toned Arms in Just 5 Moves

Posted On Mar 26, 2024 By Lisa Traugott

Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means our arms will be out on display in t-shirts and tank tops. Whether you want to feel stronger, improve your posture, increase... Read More
A woman lying on the floor doing leg lifts

Strong Core Workout

Posted On Jan 19, 2024 By Lisa Traugott

Feeling good for summer starts in the winter. What better place to start than the center of it all – your core. Your core muscles include your stomach, hips, lower back and pelvis. Having a strong core improves your posture and... Read More
woman on an exercise bike

Mental Health and Exercise

Posted On May 9, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

Feeling stressed? Anxiety and depression are common issues we face, but increasing numbers of studies demonstrate even moderate amounts of exercise will improve your mental health.... Read More
Man doing strength exercises and a woman running on a treadmill

Full-Body, 30-Minute Treadmill with Strength Workout

Posted On Mar 1, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

Ready to work your whole body? This workout combines treadmill cardio with strength training exercises that target shoulders, chest, back, legs and abdominals using your home gym, dumbbells and barbells.... Read More
women jumping in synchrony

Bodyweight Cardio and Core Workout

Posted On Feb 17, 2023 By Amy Kiser Schemper

As a trainer, I love incorporating different equipment into workouts. We can add variety and challenge our bodies by pressing a dumbbell, swinging a kettlebell, or deadlifting a barbell. However, it's important to remember we can still get a lot done... Read More