A woman performing a resistance band front raise.

Fit Tip: Resistance Band Home Workout

Posted On Nov 24, 2020 By Lisa Traugott

With flu season and covid-19 spiking right now, a lot of gyms are temporarily closing down again. This workout can be done at home and only requires an open resistance band.... Read More
A man performing a plank

Fit Tip: Chest, Arms & Abs HIIT Home Workout

Posted On Nov 20, 2020 By Lisa Traugott

Has this November been harder than normal? I’ve been reading lots of posts lately about people losing their fitness motivation, and I totally get it. When the pandemic first started it was spring and taking a jog... Read More
A man holding his belly in discomfort.

Fit Tip: Beat the Belly Bloat

Posted On Nov 5, 2020 By Amy Kiser Schemper

We’ve all been there before: we eat a big holiday meal, rich with seasonings and spices and deliciousness, it all tastes divine going down then an hour or so later…bleh. BELLY BLOAT. Tight-fitting clothes, tummy full of gas... Read More
A woman and a baby

Fit Tip: Post-Pregnancy Exercises for Your Abs

Posted On Oct 26, 2020 By Lisa Traugott

Congratulations mama! You’ve just spent nine (well ten, actually) months creating and carrying a new life and now that the little bundle of joy is out you might be looking down saying, what the heck happened to my stomach?... Read More
A woman running outside.

Fit Tip: How to Build Endurance as a Beginning Runner

Posted On Oct 14, 2020 By Bowflex Insider Team

If you’re new to long-distance running, building endurance to increase your distance sounds daunting. How come? As hard as we may try not to, we tend to compare ourselves to others. When we compare, we think we should be running faster... Read More