Woman handing out a candy bar to a child who is trick-or-treating

Candy Strategies for Adults Who Love to Celebrate Halloween

Posted On Oct 24, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Halloween was my favorite holiday to celebrate as a kid. I loved dressing up in costumes, knocking on neighbor's doors to say, "Trick or treat?" and, of course, eat piles and piles of candy. As an adult I tend to look at candy through the spectrum of cavities and... Read More
A woman blowing her nose

Seasonal Allergies or Cold? How to Tell the Difference

Posted On Sep 20, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

September can be a miserable month if, like me, you have seasonal allergies. This is also the month when kids go back to school and spread their germs, causing lots of colds. How do you tell apart... Read More
happy couples enjoying the sunshine at the beach

3 Tips for Summer Sun Safety

Posted On Jul 21, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

I love the sun, but it doesn't love me. When I was nineteen, I was studying abroad and my friend and I went to a beach in Spain. I made the mistake of waking up in a foreign country with sun poisoning. Not my finest hour. Also, full confession here, I used a tanning bed a few times when I started... Read More
Woman looking in the refrigerator

4 Tips for Junk Food Independence

Posted On Jul 6, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Happy Independence Day! Hopefully you enjoyed your July 4th cheat meal (it's important to live a little). Now, try these tips to battle your internal rebel who wants to eat chips, chocolate and... Read More
Woman doing a one-handed side yoga plank

5 Yoga Types

Posted On Jun 22, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Commemorated each June 21st, International Yoga Day celebrates the physical and spiritual joy that yoga brings to the world. There are numerous benefits of yoga. Here are just a few:... Read More