two people skiing downhill

Winter Fitness Tips: Keeping Fitness Going When It Gets Cold

Posted On Feb 23, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

Unless you’re a bear, there’s no need to hibernate from your fitness routine. Winter offers unique benefits for those drawn to snow and ice. But don’t worry – I’ve got a few ideas for anyone who growls at the cold.... Read More
couple running on a trail outdoors

3 Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner

Posted On Feb 14, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

The couple that sweats together, stays together! When you're looking for a romantic gesture, think outside that box of chocolate. Why not try salsa dancing lessons? Get steamy with your partner and take a hot yoga class. Or if you're... Read More
school children walking next to a school bus

Tips to Help Your Kids with Back-to-School Stress and Anxiety

Posted On Sep 1, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Glance through any parent magazine and you will find that our kids' anxiety levels are through the roof. Is it any wonder? Pandemic, school shootings, and, oh yeah, that first crush on the kid who... Read More
a woman looking at lettuce at a farmer's market

5 Wonderful Benefits of Visiting Farmers Markets

Posted On Aug 16, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

August is a great time to visit your local farmers market. The nicer weather brings a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being out in the sun while you do some grocery shopping outside. Getting outdoors isn't the only benefit of farmers markets... Read More
happy woman outside at sunrise in athletic attire

How to Feel Beautiful in Your Skin

Posted On Jun 1, 2022 By Bowflex Insider Team

June is Beautiful in Your Skin month, and what better time than now to discuss the connection between body neutrality and confidence and how that fits into your overall health. According to Tom Holland, exercise... Read More