A woman performing a push-up in a kitchen.

The Kitchen Circuit Workout

Posted On Nov 21, 2018 By Amy Kiser Schemper

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Usually this phrase refers to the fact that you can’t get that defined six-pack without eating a healthy diet. This time of year, when we end up... Read More
A fit woman performing various exercises.

Black Friday Training Workout

Posted On Nov 16, 2018 By Bowflex Insider Team

The holidays are quickly approaching — are you ready? With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, we’re venturing into a marathon, not a sprint. Keep up with the crowds this Black Friday with this total-body circuit... Read More

Fall Into Fitness: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated

Posted On Nov 15, 2018 By Amy Kiser Schemper

We’ve all been there…the alarm goes off, it’s dark outside, and your bed feels so warm and cozy. So you hit snooze, pull the covers up, and decide your regularly scheduled workout can wait until tomorrow morning.... Read More
A dining room table with traditional Thanksgiving dishes on it.

Not Your Typical Thanksgiving Advice

Posted On Nov 14, 2018 By Tom Holland

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means you will soon be inundated with TV segments and articles giving you the top “tips” and “tricks” on how to eat less on that special occasion, a day when you will be surrounded by family, friends and, yes, food.... Read More
A woman performing an isometric exercise.

Tom's 1 Minute Pro Tips - What is an Isometric Exercise?

Posted On Nov 8, 2018 By Tom Holland

When it some to strength training there are three primary types of muscle contractions: Concentric, eccentric and isometric. “Concentric” refers to the “up” phase of the repetition, as in the raising of a dumbbell towards your shoulder in a biceps curl. When you perform a concentric contraction the muscle shortens.... Read More