Two people carrying shopping bags

Get Black Friday Ready Workout

Posted On Nov 12, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

Are you ready to shop until you drop? Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year is here! In your quest to get the best deals, will you be ready to take on the day? After eating way too much Thanksgiving dinner the night before, being ready for the rush... Read More
Glass of water being filled from the tap

How To Stay Hydrated

Posted On Nov 8, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

It is a well-known fact that you should aim to drink eight glasses of water a day, which equals about two liters, or half a gallon. Yet, most people are not getting enough H2O. Why? Well let's state the obvious – water gets boring!... Read More
A man blowing his nose.

Fit Tip: Wellness Workout

Posted On Nov 7, 2019 By Amy Kiser Schemper

We've all been there before... your alarm goes off to get up for your regular workout and as you open your eyes you feel it: scratchy throat, stuffed up nose, sinus pain.  Or you head out of work on your way to your favorite exercise class but notice you're feeling achy and tired.  Is it the flu, a head cold, or just fatigue?  ... Read More
Transformation Tuesday: Meet Bill

Bill's Story: Regaining Independence through Fitness

Posted On Nov 5, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

William Flint Jr., known as Bill to family and friends, doesn't like to take "no" for an answer. Especially when that "no" is coming from his own body.... Read More
hummus in a bowl next to vegetables.

All things Pumpkin - even Hummus!

Posted On Nov 1, 2019 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Pumpkin hummus, say what!? I know, I thought the same thing while I was testing and perfecting this recipe. I didn’t know if it was going to be sweet or savory but yu-humm. And this one is husband and kid-tested, mother-approved.... Read More