A woman on the beach with her dog.

Make Self-Care A Priority In The New Year

Posted On Jan 18, 2019 By Amanda Wormann

New year, new you – that’s what they say, right? Sounds overwhelming. And what’s so wrong with the “me” that I am right now?... Read More
A woman running on a snowy road.

Four Tips To Keep You Working Out All Winter

Posted On Jan 16, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

Many people find that when the temperature falls, so does their motivation and the frequency of their workouts. But it shouldn’t. Research has shown that working out through the cold winter months strengthens the immune system to help fight... Read More
A sunset over a snowy field and trees.

This Is Your Year

Posted On Jan 14, 2019 By Lisa Traugott

Do you know what this year’s top resolution is? Hint: It’s not ‘lose weight’. According to the radio station I was listening to, the number one resolution is to exercise more, the number two resolution is to eat healthier... Read More
A fit woman performing a yoga pose.

Fit Tip: New Year Renewal

Posted On Jan 3, 2019 By Amy Kiser Schemper

I love the New Year. I love ringing it in with friends and family. I love closing out a joyous holiday season by reflecting on a year gone by and a year to come. And even after working in fitness all these years, I still love... Read More
A pad of paper on a table with "2019 Goals" written on it.

Why You Should Set New Year's Goals

Posted On Dec 31, 2018 By Tom Holland

First, let’s start by discussing the concept of New Year’s resolutions. While it may seem insignificant, I firmly believe in setting goals instead of resolutions. Why the splitting of hairs? What’s the big difference? Let’s look at the... Read More