Full-Body Ladder Workout with Dumbbells

Posted On Sep 15, 2022 By Amy Kiser Schemper

smiling woman with a dumbbell

Ladder workouts are trending recently, popping up online and in gyms, but what exactly is a ladder workout? How is it beneficial?

Ladder workouts are workouts where you perform one or more exercises increasing or decreasing in repetitions before moving to the next exercise, or next set of exercises in the case of this workout. Often ladder workouts do both, going "up the ladder" then back "down the ladder." There are many different variations on ladder workouts, but all will build muscular endurance and strength, and get your heart rate up in the process.

To perform the ladder workout below, take each set of two exercises for one rep (example: One squat, followed by one shoulder press). Follow immediately with two reps of each exercise (Ex: Two squats, followed by two shoulder presses). Continue this pattern up to five reps, then go back down in repetitions through four, three, two and one. Rest for 1 minute in between sets of exercises. Repeat two or three times for a longer workout.

Full-Body Ladder Workout

Exercise sets:

  • Squat & press
  • Plank jack & row
  • Dead lift & curl
  • Chest press & bicycle