Woman handing out a candy bar to a child who is trick-or-treating

Candy Strategies for Adults Who Love to Celebrate Halloween

Posted On Oct 24, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Halloween was my favorite holiday to celebrate as a kid. I loved dressing up in costumes, knocking on neighbor's doors to say, "Trick or treat?" and, of course, eat piles and piles of candy. As an adult I tend to look at candy through the spectrum of cavities and... Read More
A mom putting lunch into her daughter's backpack.

10 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School

Posted On Aug 24, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

Yesterday I looked at the calendar and was shocked to see a date circled red with 1st Day of School on it. Yikes! How did that happen?... Read More
A woman holding an apple.

Fit Tip: Are There Really "Negative Calorie" Foods?

Posted On Jun 14, 2021 By Tom Holland

You may have heard the term “negative calorie” foods, things you can eat that supposedly cause you to lose weight. Sounds amazing, right? Almost too good to be true?... Read More
Fit Tip with Lisa Traugott, BowFlex Contributor. 7 reasons to buy at farmers markets.

Fit Tip: 7 Reasons To Buy At Farmers Markets

Posted On Aug 26, 2019 By Lisa Traugott

Summer is here and what better way to get out into the sunshine and stock up on some good food than to take a trip to your local farmers’ market? A farmers’ market is simply a place where local farmers can sell their food directly to... Read More
Vegetables on a wooden table

Vegan vs Vegetarian

Posted On Jul 26, 2019 By BowFlex Insider Team

As you have browsed recipes online or looked over a menu at a restaurant, you might have noticed more references to vegetarian or vegan-friendly options, or even plant-based diets, and wondered what each of those terms mean.... Read More