Fit Tip Thursday: Best Exercises for Your Body

Fit Tip Thursday: Best Exercises For Your Body

Posted On Oct 9, 2014 By Tom Holland

While all exercise is beneficial, some workouts are indeed “better” from a purely physiological standpoint. For example, multi-joint exercises, like squats and push-ups, work multiple muscle groups at the same time, whereas a bicep curl targets only the biceps muscle.... Read More
Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Best Ab Exercises

Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Best Ab Exercises

Posted On Oct 2, 2014 By Tom Holland

The vast majority of people perform their ab exercises at the end of a workout, with little to no thought involved in what they are doing. They go to the mat and simply start cranking out variations of crunches, without... Read More
Beyond Crunches - Core Training Circuit

Beyond Crunches - Core Training Circuit

Posted On Aug 19, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

When it comes to core training, the abdominal crunch hails as the most popular and effective exercise. Crunches alone will get your core sculpting in the right direction. However, if you really want to see what your core can become,... Read More
Etiquette Tips For The Gym Newbie

A Newbie's Guide to Proper Gym Etiquette

Posted On Aug 7, 2014 By Joe Vennare

Let's be honest, going to the gym can be intimidating. This is true especially if you're unfamiliar with the exercise environment. More so if you consider yourself to be out of shape. The thought that someone would have to get... Read More
Gina Harney Strength Training

5 Ways to Pump Up Your Strength Training

Posted On Jul 28, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

By Guest Author Gina Harney As someone who loves to pump some iron, I also find that it's easy to get set in a routine and coast through my workout. This was OK when I was trying to stick to... Read More