exercise mistakes

7 Exercise Mistakes Everyone Makes

Posted On Jun 2, 2014 By Joe Vennare

When we set out to get fit, there is a series of roadblocks standing in our way. The bad news is that these barriers can prevent us from achieving our fitness goals. The good news? These barriers are nothing new.... Read More
Outdoor Fitness

Natural Stress Relief - Outdoor Fitness

Posted On May 23, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

It's May and the sun is finally out on a daily basis. I don't know about you, but I really start to get energized this time of year. Something about the sun perks me up. I enjoy getting outdoors. It... Read More
plyometrics exercises

Jumpstart Your Workouts With Plyometrics

Posted On May 1, 2014 By Joe Vennare

Have you ever heard the song "Jump Around" by House of Pain? Raise your hand. Be honest. Some might consider it a guilty pleasure. It's on your iPod. You play it at parties. Or maybe during a workout. Jump around.... Read More
12 tips on how to run easily

12 Tips on How to Run With Less Effort

Posted On Apr 25, 2014 By Joel Harper

Everyone I know want to improve their running times. I want to help you run your best, injury-free, while you learn how to condition your muscles more efficiently. Go ahead and give these tips a try, so you can start... Read More
A man using Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells performing a Dumbbell workout.

The Dumbbell Solution

Posted On Apr 14, 2014 By Tom Holland

When it comes to working out, I stick to the basics. I prefer exercises and routines that have stood the test of time, workouts that have been around forever and will continue to be used for many years to come.... Read More