Add More Joy to Your Life

Add More Joy to Your Life

Posted On Feb 19, 2017 By Rachel Weingarten

It was only a few months back during the holiday season that anyone and everyone was wishing us happiness and joy, and reminding us to make merry; so does that mean that the rest of the year it’s okay to... Read More
You Are Blushing

You’re Blushing

Posted On Feb 3, 2017 By Rachel Weingarten

A blush can mean so many things- embarrassment, arousal, flirtation, a heavy hand with a makeup brush…you get the idea. But with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, blushing prettily can fake the look of being loved up even if you’re... Read More
Empowered Life What Would You like to Accomplish

Empowered Life: What Would You like to Accomplish?

Posted On Jan 10, 2017 By Jennifer Galardi

(This is the fourth article in the Empowered Life series.) The last question from our Empowered Life series prompted you to connect to times in your life when you felt most alive. It is with that energy and enthusiasm I’d... Read More
Say Thank You and Mean It

Say “Thank You” and Mean It!

Posted On Jan 6, 2017 By Rachel Weingarten

Why is it that far too many women (and some men) can’t seem to accept any compliments? You could be stylish and amazing, brave or brilliant and still somehow hearing that you look pretty or gave a great speech or... Read More
5 Things I Learned from My Trip Down Under

5 Things I Learned from My Trip Down Under

Posted On Dec 18, 2016 By Jennifer Galardi

Just before the holidays last year, I spent over a week in Sydney. I was fortunate enough to travel for work and decided to extend my stay past my required 48 hours of service. Trust me, after that non-stop 15... Read More