The Five Minute Summer Body Workout - Fit Tip Thursday with Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Advisor

The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout – Round 3

Posted On Apr 26, 2017 By Tom Holland

Summer will be here before you know it and, if you start now, you can lose fat and tone your body to get ready for the warmer weather. I know you are busy so to maximize your time as well... Read More
The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

Posted On Feb 21, 2017 By Bowflex Insider Team

Stretching is sometimes the middle child of exercise — often overlooked. Although it may seem like an afterthought to working out, stretching is essential to living a healthy life. So why should stretching be a staple in your fitness routine?... Read More
Three Stretches for People Who Sit All Day

Three Stretches for People Who Sit All Day

Posted On Feb 1, 2017 By Tom Holland

It’s a staggering statistic: Americans spend an average of thirteen hours per day sitting. Thirteen. Add in eight hours average sleep and that means just three hours of movement per day. That’s bad. Really bad. Long hours spent sitting can... Read More
The Five Minute Full Body Stretch

The Five-Minute Full Body Stretch

Posted On Dec 21, 2016 By Tom Holland

There is still a great deal of confusion when it comes to stretching: What to do, when to do it, how much to do, and if it really benefits us at all. Well, flexibility is one of the five components... Read More
Stretches You Should Do Before an Upper Body Workout

Stretches You Should Do Before an Upper Body Workout

Posted On Jun 29, 2016 By Tom Holland

There are two things you should try to do before your strength workouts: a quick cardiovascular warm up and a quick stretch. The cardio will provide numerous benefits including increasing the blood flow to the muscles you will be using,... Read More