athletic woman doing a crunch

Sneaky Core Training Workout

Posted On May 24, 2022 By Amy Kiser Schemper

When we think of working our "core" we usually think of our abs. "Core exercise" means crunches, planks and bicycles, right? In reality, our core muscles... Read More

HIIT Stationary Bike Workout

Posted On May 18, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Looking for a healthy cardiovascular workout but don’t have a lot of time? This is a quick, thirty-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) stationary bike workout based on the principles of Tabata.... Read More
A man working out on a BowFlex VeloCore exercise bike.

The Best Exercise Bike with a Screen for Cyclists: BowFlex VeloCore

Posted On May 10, 2022 By BowFlex Insider Team

As with all athletes, cyclists need to train in order to get into shape for upcoming rides, races and adventures year-round. However, most indoor cycling bikes or bike trainers do not provide a comparable experience to outdoor cycling. That’s because outdoor cycling... Read More
Three kids pretending to be animals.

Earth Day Workout: Find Your Inner Animal

Posted On Apr 22, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve created a workout inspired by animal exercises you can do with your kids. If you want to challenge yourself you can also add weight using a weight plate from your home gym, dumbbells or a sandbag.... Read More
A woman road running in the rain.

7 Tips for Running in the Rain

Posted On Apr 13, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

When I wake up pre-dawn and see rain, I take that as a divine message that Mother Earth wants me to do a treadmill workout instead of a trail run (or go back to sleep…). But if you are training for an event like... Read More