A trainer helping a person with a bench press.

Fit Tip: Best Exercises for Total Body Strength

Posted On Apr 17, 2019 By James White

When I started working out, I had no idea what I was doing in the gym. I made some progress simply by showing up consistently, but my results would have been much greater if I had a better plan. Back then there was no internet. You... Read More
A man standing in an arena.

Fit Tip: Get In The Arena

Posted On Apr 12, 2019 By Tom Holland

One of my favorite quotes is by Theodore Roosevelt, an excerpt from his famous “Man in the Arena” speech, which he delivered at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1910.... Read More
Fit Tip with Amy Kiser Schemper, Bowflex Fitness Advisor. Shaping Summer Legs.

Fit Tip: Shaping Summer Legs

Posted On Apr 4, 2019 By Amy Kiser Schemper

The weather is warming up and swimsuit season is just around the corner! Depending on where you live, you might already be planning a vacation to the beach, or starting to get outside more. As you pack away the sweaters and coats, and unpack the shorts and tanks, you should also... Read More
Two women giving each other a high-five.

Fit Tip: How To Stay Motivated When Results Slow Down

Posted On Mar 27, 2019 By James White

So you started the New Year with a bang. You found a workout plan and set out to make big changes this year. The first couple weeks were hard, but you were energized and motivated. Then you skipped a workout. No... Read More
A woman performing a crunch while watching college basketball.

Get into The Game

Posted On Mar 18, 2019 By Bowflex Insider Team

Every year basketball fans come together from near and far to watch the games that make up March Mayhem Madness. Perhaps one of the maddest parts of the whole endeavor is that with all the activity on the court, fans... Read More