Kate's Story: The Journey to Losing 90 Pounds

Posted On Feb 19, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Kate's Story: The Journey to Losing 90 Pounds

Inspiring mom-of-three Kate Glazer has lost a total of 90 pounds since starting her fitness journey. We first spoke with Kate almost a year ago and learned how she changed her daily habits – resulting in her incredible weight loss.

This month, we sat down with Kate to check in and learn how she has maintained her weight loss and improved her life, as well as how she has overcome challenges along the way:

  1. Kate, last time we spoke you had lost 60 pounds and now you are down another 30 pounds. Did you change your routine at all since then?

    I'm still active every day; some days more than others because I'm home with three kids and that keeps me busy, but I try to do something active every day even if it's just planking, sit ups and push-ups. I've also tightened up on my eating habits and follow a ketogenic diet (high protein; minimal carbs and minimal sugar.)

  2. What exercises and classes have you been into lately?

    I've been doing some Pi/Yo (Pilates/Yoga) recently and I've really been enjoying it. Because of limited time, everything I do is at home – I walk my neighborhood, use my BowFlex machine, exercise off of YouTube or if I'm short on time I'll do some quick workouts off the cuff.

  3. What would "present day" Kate say to "before" Kate at the beginning of your weight loss journey?

    You know what you have to do for yourself and your family. You can't live like this anymore, and you know you deserve better for yourself. Set a date, stick with it, distract yourself through the tough times and be consistent – it will pay off.

  4. What is your fitness must-have to power through your workout?

    Definitely music. I tried to watch TV but I get so deep in the zone it's hard to follow a storyline. It's much easier, and I've found it's much more effective, to turn on music that gets your adrenaline going.

  5. What's your go-to healthy meal or snack?

    Low-fat Greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs – two quick grabs you can take on the go that are protein packed and substantially filling. I also love to take chicken breasts and put them in the crockpot with a jar of organic pineapple salsa and frozen corn, and cook it on high for four hours. I put it on top of white rice – it's so good and good for you!

  6. Did you ever find yourself hitting a plateau?

    I went into this after trying diet after diet after diet before my third pregnancy. Throughout those experiences I had been through so many plateaus. I started my fitness journey when my third child was six months old, and I was actively nursing her at the time. I couldn't try to lose the weight through any pills, wraps, shakes or supplements; no quick fixes. I had to start from day one – medically overweight and unhealthy – and work my way towards a healthier me. So I went into this knowing there would be peaks and valleys. I think if you mentally prepare yourself, knowing there will be tough times along the way and just keep going, keep working and keep your eyes on your goal; knowing you can do it.

  7. How do you ensure you fit your workouts in with three young kids?

    I keep a set of resistance bands and a Bender Ball in my kitchen cabinet. When my kids are playing, sometimes I'll pull them out and do a few reps several times throughout the day. There's been times that I'll get on my BowFlex Max Trainer during their naps – I've gotten on it as late as midnight before, just to fit it in. Since the BowFlex workout is only 14 minutes long, it's an effective workout without absorbing very much of your time.

  8. What fitness lesson do you hope to pass on to your kids?

    I hope a life lesson I can teach my kids is to be consistent in anything they work to accomplish. I want them to have a "Rome wasn't built in a day, but they worked on it every day" mentality when it comes to setting goals and achieving them.

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