Jill's Story: Even Gym Enthusiasts Hit the Fitness Rut

Posted On Apr 18, 2015 By BowFlex Insider Team

Jill's Story: Even Gym Enthusiasts Hit the Fitness Rut

Have you ever embarked on a new fitness or healthy eating regime to drop a few pounds? Chances are you started strong and it seemed like the pounds were melting off - until they weren't.

A gym enthusiast and active mom, Jill Sigler, has incorporated fitness into many aspects of her life. But last year, she found herself in that all-too-common fitness rut when she was no longer seeing results or changes in her body.

Despite regular trips to the gym and intense eight-week training programs, Jill was stuck. Given the lack of results, she knew it was time for a change. It was then Jill started a 10-week training program on the BowFlex Max Trainer® and began to see results. She lost 12.5 pounds in just three-and-a-half short months.

How did Jill overcome the rut? We had the chance to catch up with her and ask her some questions about it. Read on to hear her answers and learn more about how she pushed past the challenge and surpassed her weight loss goal:

  1. Have you struggled with weight loss in the past? What other forms of exercise did you try?

    "I've never been totally overweight, but for me, I've been heavier than I wanted to be. Whenever I was working on losing weight, I always tried dieting and more exercise. The problem is that I've tried a lot of stuff, but the weight would always creep back … to places where I'd rather it not be. There's always that extra 10 pounds that you want to get rid of."

  2. How did your experience with the BowFlex Max Trainer® change your approach to fitness?

    "There were a couple things I noticed after working out with the BowFlex Max Trainer®. The first was my lower-body weight loss and the other was the change in my level of endurance. I am a runner, and toward the end of the 10-week program, I went on a four-mile run. It was so much easier - I was in shock! What really makes a difference is that it's efficient and quick because you get your heart rate up and really work up a sweat with the interval training."

  3. Besides losing the weight, what did you gain?

    "It was an accomplishment. I set the bar high and made it a challenge. I wanted to lose 10 pounds, and I lost 12.5. I wanted to be more disciplined, and it created discipline.

    After losing the weight, I feel better about how I look. I was never really overweight, but I never felt comfortable in my clothes. I always felt like I wasn't in shape, like the clothes didn't exactly fit right. Now I feel like I don't even look my age, I look younger, and I'm so much happier with the way my body looks. I think that I look as good as I feel.

    People are always telling me that I'm in such good shape, but now I feel like it. Getting those extra pounds off made such a difference. It was about where I wanted to see myself."

  4. What does fitness mean to you?

    "Fitness means a lot to me. I'm setting an example for my children so they too can enjoy a healthy life style they need to be living. Plus, your fitness level really affects how you feel. I'm 49, and my friends have all these "old people ailments," and I'm not there. But No. 1, I'm trying to set an example for my children by making exercise a priority in my life.

    I also just enjoy the way I feel when I'm active. I feel sluggish if I don't exercise. Overall, being healthy and active is part of my DNA. You cannot take your health for granted because if you lose it, you're toast. You don't realize how not being able to exercise can impact you. I don't want to take my health for granted. You only get one body and you have to take care of it."

Watch this video to see more about Jill's story:

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