Fit Tip: 7 Reasons To Buy At Farmers Markets

Posted On Aug 26, 2019 By Lisa Traugott

Fit Tip with Lisa Traugott, BowFlex Contributor. 7 reasons to buy at farmers markets.

Summer is here and what better way to get out into the sunshine and stock up on some good food than to take a trip to your local farmers’ market? A farmers’ market is simply a place where local farmers can sell their food directly to customers, without the grocery store acting as a middle man. They can be held at a local farm or in a retail space with lots of different vendors. You can shop anywhere; here are seven reasons to give farmers’ markets a try.

  1. You know exactly what you’re purchasing

    When you buy at a farm you can ask them directly about whether or not they are certified organic, non-GMO and what, if any, chemical preservatives have been used on the plants.

  2. It tastes better than store bought produce

    Farms are only selling foods that are in season right now, so you know that the produce will be ripe and won’t need all those chemical preservatives added on when food comes from different countries.

  3. It’s a fun day trip for kids, especially if you get to pick your own fruit

    My mother used to live around the block from a farm. Whenever we visited her we would take the kids to pick berries, peaches, apples or eggplants. They had a blast, got some exercise and enjoyed a novel experience.

  4. Farm food is fresher

    Think about it – produce in the grocery store has already been sitting on a truck for a few days before being transported from a different state (or country). In many cases at a farmers market the food was picked within 48 hours, or you get to pick it yourself.

  5. The cost is about the same as grocery stores

    Lots of people think that grocery store produce is a lot cheaper than food bought at farmers’ markets, but that’s a myth. Prices are comparable.

  6. You’re reducing your carbon footprint

    You’re getting your food right from the farm, so it doesn’t have to travel hundreds of miles on a big gas-guzzling truck. Also, since the food is not travelling as far it doesn’t need as much packaging. If you’re in an urban farmers’ market, chances are some travel was involved, so when in doubt, ask the farmer selling it.

  7. You’re supporting local farmers who operate in your community

    Big agribusinesses dominate the grocery markets, so small farms tend to sell more at farmers’ markets. Go local and support entrepreneurs.

If you’re not growing your own food, this is a great chance to meet and talk with the people who are. Not sure where to find a local farmers market? Here is a state-by-state directory.