Fit Tip: BowFlex 6-Week Workout Plan

Posted On Apr 1, 2020 By Tom Holland

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Full-body and cardio Core and cardio Legs and cardio Upper body and core Core and cardio Full-body and cardio Cardio
The Four-Minute Dumbbell Workout (2 rounds) 6 Minute Standing Ab Workout The Four Minute Leg Toning Workout (2 rounds) The 8 Minute Upper Body Blast Workout The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout - Part 2 (2 rounds) Exercise of your choice
12 minutes cardio 14 minutes cardio 12 minutes cardio 12 minutes cardio 12 minutes cardio 10 minutes cardio 30-60 minutes outdoor fun family cardio

Here is your 6-Week BowFlex Home Workout Plan: 20-minute workouts each day involving both strength and cardio to keep you healthy (and happy!) during these challenging times. You will repeat these workouts each week for six weeks, giving you time to both learn the exercises and see improvements.

While most workouts require no equipment, a few do incorporate dumbbells and a bench. No dumbbells? No problem. You can use water bottles or soup cans instead. Chest presses can be done on the floor and step-ups can be done using the stairs in your home.

The plan also incorporates fun, free video workouts that can be found on the BowFlex YouTube page.

You are free to choose your mode of cardio: The TreadClimber, BowFlex MAX, stationary bike, go for a walk outside - The choice is yours. If you do not have cardio equipment but want to stay indoors, we have included three bodyweight cardio video workouts to choose from.

We have also included a restorative 5-minute full body stretch video that you can do at the end of your workouts, or at any time throughout your day.

You can do these sessions with your spouse, your kids – Try to make it a family event whenever possible.

The ultimate goal is consistency – Try to get as many workouts in as possible during the six-weeks.

Although it can be difficult, try to look at these challenging times as an opportunity to make healthy, positive changes in both your life and the lives of all your family members.

Stronger Every Day.

Strength Workout Videos

The Four-Minute Dumbbell Workout Dumbbells and a bench

Step-ups, chest press, biceps curls, shoulder presses, triceps kickbacks, back rows, squats.

The 8 Minute Upper Body Blast Workout

Chest presses, triceps extensions, biceps curls, shoulder presses, back rows. 10 repetitions. 2 rounds.

The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout - Part 2

Squats with side raises, front lunges with overhead shoulder presses, upper cuts, triceps kickbacks, dumbbell rows. 60 seconds per exercise.

The Four Minute Leg Toning Workout

Running in place, squats, jumping jacks, forward lunges, jumping jacks, backward lunges, running in place, lateral lunges, jumping jacks, squat hold, running in place, jump squats. 30 seconds/10 seconds.

6 Minute Standing Ab Workout

Punches, front kicks, standing marches, standing cross crunches. 45 seconds. 2 rounds.

The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout

Crunches, plank, cross-crunch, rope climb. 45 seconds per exercise. 2 rounds.

Cardio Workout Video

The Five-Minute Cardio Blast Workout

Skaters, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jump lunges, high knees, squat punches, burpees. 30 seconds per exercise 10 second recoveries jogging in place.

At Home Eight Minute Cardio Workout

Deceleration squats with high knees, skaters, one-arm burpees. 40 seconds per exercise, 20 seconds recovery. 2 rounds.

The Four-Minute Cardio Workout

For Your Heart Fake jump rope, cross-jacks, skaters, burpees. 20 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds recovery. 2 rounds.

Stretching Workout Video

The Five-Minute Full Body Stretch