Simple Beach Workout

Posted On Aug 19, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

A woman working out on a beach.

In these uncertain times, the great outdoors offers a chance to mix up your typical workout plus have some fun in the sun. Beach workouts are effective because the sand is an unstable surface, meaning your core has to work harder to adjust, yet sand is actually easier on your joints. (Bonus!)

Simple Beach Workout

Items needed:

  • Kid’s sand pail
  • Small shovel to help fill the sand pail (optional)


Everything in this workout is done for time. After you warm up, do each exercise for one minute followed by a 30-second rest. Do three sets of each exercise to complete the workout.

  • Warm up: Run on the beach for five minutes. Keep at an easy pace to warm your muscles. A woman running on the beach.
  • Farmers walk: Fill your kid’s sand pail with sand. The wetter the sand, the heavier the weight. Squat down and pick up your “weight”. Deadlift them into a standing position keeping your chest up. Start walking forward and turn around to walk back to your starting point as needed. Each set try to increase your distance.
  • Lateral shuffles: Place the bucket on the sand (you’ll use it for the next exercise) and lower yourself into a half squat. Put your right leg out to your right side then follow quickly with your left leg as you race across the sand. Switch to leading with your left leg after 30-seconds has passed to get back to your starting location. To make this more challenging, try it barefoot.
  • Sand pail rows: Bend forward with your weight in your heels. Pick up the sand pail from before and use it like a kettlebell, keeping it between your legs. Slowly pull it up towards your hips. You can adjust the weight by using one or two arms or by adding or removing sand.
  • Squat jumps: Place the bucket down on the sand again and take a few steps away from it to give yourself room to jump safely. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Lower into a deep squat keeping your chest up. Explosively jump as high as you can, landing softly back in the squat position.
  • Cool down with yoga stretches:
    • Downward Facing Dog: Start on all fours, feet still on the ground. Push your butt up slowly and press your heels towards the ground to feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Bend your knees and slowly release to the floor into a child’s pose. A woman performing downward facing dog.
    • Child’s Pose: Sit with the tops of your feet on the ground. Let your head and chest gently collapse over your legs. Stretch your arms past your head, touching the sand beneath you. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Finish the summer strong! Remember to wear sunscreen and keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated.

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