Lose Your Spare Tire

Posted On Mar 30, 2015 By Joel Harper

Lose Your Spare Tire

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, and we are going to be hitting the beach before you know it. These three exercises will help you evaporate those love handles in no time. Do them every other day for 14 days and you will be feeling, and looking, better for it.

  1. Wrestling Circles (strengthens entire core)

    Get Ready: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and your hands interwoven behind your head. Keeping the bend in your knees, lift your legs up and cross your ankles.

    Go! Using your core muscles, twist your entire body around five times counter-clockwise by rocking your body smoothly around. Then repeat 5 times clockwise. Hold your head gently in your hands, and resist pulling on your neck. To pump it up, do 10 times in each direction.

  2. Side Plank Drops (strengthens shoulders and core)

    Get Ready: Lie on your left side in a straight line, and come onto your left forearm with your hand flat, palm down. Make sure your left elbow is directly under your left shoulder. Bring your right hand behind your head so your right elbow points up towards the ceiling. Tighten your abs and press into your left forearm to lift your body so it forms a diagonal line from your head to your heels.

    Go! Crunch forward, twisting your torso and bringing your right elbow forward and down toward your left hand until just inside your left hand. Return to starting position. Do 25 side plank drops on each side for two sets.

  3. Butterfly Crunches (Strengthens all your ab muscles)

    Get Ready: Lie on your back, bring your hands interwoven behind your head, and your legs into butterfly position with the soles of your feet flush against each other. Keep your neck relaxed and your stomach pulled in the entire time.

    Go! While looking straight up lift your shoulders up and crunch 25 times. Then hold your upper body in the highest position and lift your legs 25 times while leaving them in butterfly position. Then lift both your upper and lower body simultaneously 25 times.