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Bodyweight Cardio and Core Workout

Posted On Feb 17, 2023 By Amy Kiser Schemper

women jumping in synchrony
As a trainer, I love incorporating different equipment into workouts. We can add variety and challenge our bodies by pressing a dumbbell, swinging a kettlebell, or deadlifting a barbell. However, it's important to remember we can still get a lot done... Read More

Keto Cucumber Boats

Posted On Feb 16, 2023 By Brandy Gales

Keto cucumber boats
These little snacks are light and refreshing, simple, and so easy at just 5 minutes to prepare. These are the perfect snack or small lunch option and they only have about 2 grams of carbs per... Read More

3 Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner

Posted On Feb 14, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

couple running on a trail outdoors
The couple that sweats together, stays together! When you're looking for a romantic gesture, think outside that box of chocolate. Why not try salsa dancing lessons? Get steamy with your partner and take a hot yoga class. Or if you're... Read More

Introducing JRNY with Motion Tracking: The Importance of Proper Form to Function

Posted On Jan 19, 2023 By BowFlex Insider Team

JRNY with Motion Tracking - 'Your form looks great'
If you're reading this, you probably own a fitness tracking device. A Deloitte survey revealed more than half of consumers have a smartwatch or fitness tracker in their household. And... Read More

Christmas Morning Keto Casserole

Posted On Dec 22, 2022 By Brandy Gales

Keto casserole
Christmas morning is chaotic and packed with activity as it comes, there is no need to make the food stressful as well. I love to make this casserole dish because I just throw it in the oven and it cooks as we are opening gifts. I don't have to sit and watch it. This casserole is the perfect quick and easy... Read More