How to Turn Your TreadClimber Workout into a HIIT Workout

Posted On Dec 1, 2016 By Tom Holland

How to Turn Your TreadClimber Workout into a HIIT Workout

So you have your new TreadClimber, you've used it a bunch of times, and now you're ready to add some variation to your workouts. One great way to do this is to add in some challenging intervals. Interval training involves changing up the intensity in a systematic way, namely increasing the speed for a short period of time, slowing it back down and recovering for a set duration, and repeating this pattern several times through.

Here is a video with a little further explanation:

Why add in intervals? A few reasons. First, it will help keep you motivated by changing up your routine rather than doing the same workout over and over. Second, it will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, as well as helping to increase your overall endurance. Third, it will help you avoid hitting the dreaded “plateau,” the point where you stop seeing results, by continually challenging your body in new ways.

So which workout should you do on your TreadClimber? Steady-state or intervals? The answer is to definitely do both. Mix it up to keep yourself motivated and to keep those results coming as well!

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