Treadmill Workout in just 10 Minutes

Posted On Sep 17, 2013 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

A fit woman performing a treadmill workout on a BowFlex treadmill.

If you're bored of your treadmill workout and are looking for something short and intense, try this 10 minute interval workout!

The diagram shows exactly how it should be done, but I'll explain it in more detail.

First, set the treadmill's incline to 2% and keep it there for the entire workout. Research has shown that this incline replicates the energy requirements of running outdoors due to wind resistance.

Start off with a one minute jog, which should be of moderate intensity. Follow that up with a 1 minute sprint. (Trainer's note: The sprints should be done with a 100% maximal effort!)  Now, you get to walk for two minutes with the goal of being fully recovered by the end of the walk.  At this point, you are 4 minutes in to your treadmill workout. From 5 to 7 minutes, it's time to run again. Run as hard and fast as you can for 2 minutes.

A little clarification may be needed here as this is the point where most folks get confused. You should not be using the same speed as you did with your 1 minute sprint!  For instance, if you did your 1 minute sprint at 10 mph, you'll likely have to run at 7.5-8mph for your 2 minute sprint.

Back to the workout…

After you've finished your first two minute sprint, you get to walk for another two minutes!  Yay!  Once the timer hits 9 minutes, it's time to run again for 2 minutes. This two minute sprint will likely have to be a tad slower than your first 2 minute run.  Let's say you ran at 8 mph for your first 2 minute run, you'll probably have to run at 7-7.5 mph for your last 2 minute run.  Finish off this workout by cooling down for 2-3 minutes and you're done!

It may take a few times to figure out exactly what speeds are appropriate for you, but within 3-4 attempts, you should have it figured out.

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