Transformation Tuesday: J.J. Lost 46 Pounds and Changed His Life

Posted On Jul 10, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Transformation Tuesday: J.J. Lost 46 Pounds and Changed His Life

In our #TransformationTuesday series, we chat with real BowFlex owners who have experienced major successes in their fitness journey. This week we interviewed an inspiring guy named J.J., who made a decision to better himself by signing up for a men’s physique competition and along the way, discovered a cardio solution that changed his life.

46 pounds lighter, J.J. has gained far more than just a six-pack. He’s got his confidence back.

What inspired you to make a change in your life?

J.J.: The answer to this is not what most would consider exciting or because of a dramatic event. At the beginning of 2018, I got out of a great relationship. We just wanted different things long-term, so I took a step back and re-evaluated where I was in life. I am 35 years old, own my dream home, own my dream car, and have the greatest career I could ever ask for in radio. I know this sounds cliché, but I looked in the mirror and decided there was one thing I needed to work on - me. Not for anyone else, but truly for ME! I have always been into "eating right" and working out but being single and having no kids, I decided that there was NO reason why I couldn't change my lifestyle and become a healthier and happier person from the inside out.

So on that day, January 11th, 2018, I totally committed to changing my lifestyle, to do this for myself, and to hold myself accountable each and every day. I went online, did some research, and signed up for my first amateur men's physique competition at the end of October so that I had a set date I would be working toward. But within two weeks of changing my eating habits, going to the gym six days a week, and getting the proper rest, I realized this wasn't a "diet" or something I was just gonna do until the end of October; rather, this was the start of the rest of my life, and I will strive every day to be healthier and happier.

What were your goals when you started?

J.J.: My goals when I first started were simple: to lose the weight and get into "competition" shape in a little more than 10 months. Little did I realize that the change was happening more on the inside than the outside. Sure, the physical transformation is great, but knowing I can push myself to the limit and challenge myself every day has allowed me to become more confident and truly happier person on the inside. I am 6'4” and started on January 11th, 2018 at 260 pounds and 29% body fat. As of now, I am 215 pounds and 12.4% body fat; 45 pounds lost in around 5 months, and I can for sure see the physical changes and "gains".

But again, this healthy lifestyle has benefited me mentally more than anything. I find myself being addicted to not only bettering myself daily but being able to try and help others via Instagram. I don't have a "Fit" account (though I respect the people that do SO much, because it provides normal people like me with great motivation and support on our journeys), and I'm not a sponsored athlete. I am just a normal guy that has fallen in love with a healthy/happy lifestyle and wants to help any of my friends in any way I can. I’m not driven by any money options or "free" products, I just love helping others start to make changes in their lives because I know how beneficial this type of lifestyle can be!

What were your thoughts on cardio before getting your TreadClimber?

J.J.: Scared. Afraid. Dreading it. Worried. Concerned. Zero Confidence. Embarrassed…and I could go on, and on, and on. I have had multiple knee surgeries. I shattered my knee cap into eight pieces, all in my left knee. I have almost two inches of atrophy in my left quad, compared to my right. I have been told by my surgeon that I need a complete knee replacement in the next 10 years. So needless to say, cardio and I didn't get along because no matter what exercise or machine I used, I would have shooting pain and discomfort either immediately or within 5-10 minutes.

So I took the time, did the research, and came across the TreadClimber TC100. I now use my machine for 90 minutes a day (30 minutes in the morning/60 minutes in the afternoon), six days a week, have ZERO pain, and this has been the case since Day 1! This machine has helped me shed the pounds, regain confidence in my workouts (especially with cardio), and has been the single best fitness machine I have EVER used in my life! I can't wait to get up and just walk, and get home from work and just walk. It is that easy with the TreadClimber and since my machine is located under one of my TV's, I just get lost in binge-watching my shows, haha.

What has been your biggest non-scale victory during your journey?

J.J.: This has to be my confidence and pure happiness. The TreadClimber has been vital in allowing me to do my proper cardio and shed the pounds, which then leads to more confidence and just being happier than I have ever been before. With this happiness and confidence, I am able to help those who reach out to me for advice and motivation, and so many people have motivated me on this journey - and many that don't even realize it – so it is such a rewarding experience to truly help others out, simply to see them succeed and become healthier and happier. I know what this has done for me personally, and I love helping friends and family start to see progress and see changes from the inside out. The TreadClimber is that single piece of equipment that doesn't care what level of fitness you are at. You get on and walk, and the rest is history. If I can do this with my knee issue, so can anyone else, and I will try to help them in any way I can.

You have a six-pack now! How does that feel? Tell us about what you are doing in addition to cardio to get ready for your physique competition this October.

J.J.: Great question! It feels great to be improving every day, and as I look back on old photos, I can really see the difference in my body. The only "six-pack" I really ever had was a six-pack of cold ones at a tailgate! It has been great having the pounds fall off, and I never thought I would enjoy shopping, but it has been fun to buy new clothes that fit, because all my old ones truly fall off me from losing close to 50 pounds so far. I think most people know what needs to be done in order to get into shape and make positive changes mentally and physically. You need to get the proper rest, eat smart and healthy (I don't do a diet, I just eat smart and clean and try to put only good and positive food into my body), weight train, and cardio. I would get the proper rest and workout 4-5 times a week, eating pretty clean, but the one thing lacking was my cardio.

With the knee issues I have, I was never able to truly do cardio and get myself motivated to take things to the next level. With the TC100, cardio is what I look forward to the most. The TC100 isn’t the only reason I have a six-pack now, but it is the single reason I was able to get this lifestyle into motion because now I am able to do cardio and take everything to the next level. The TC100 is the stepping stone that has allowed me to make a transformation I wasn't able to beforehand. I am just getting started with this lifestyle, and I look forward to challenging and holding myself accountable each and every day. There is no magic pill or shake - just hard work, and having a machine like the TreadClimber that allows you to reach your goals.

How hard was giving up beer and soda? (asking for a friend…)

J.J.: Haha, great question. Honestly, it was simple for me. I know how unhealthy they both are and with eating right, working out twice a day, I decided to stop putting things into my body that were going to negate or slow down my progress. My radio station is located above the world famous Seacrets Jamaica USA in Ocean City, Maryland, so each and every day I am at work, the biggest party in town is happening literally below my feet. But knowing all the work, and cardio, and proper eating I am doing, I decided to quit both cold turkey. If and when I do drink, it will be plain vodka and tap water with a lemon.

You’ve got your dream job in radio and you’ve achieved your fitness goals. What’s next for you, J.J.?

J.J.: I do have my dream career and live at the beach, but this is just the start for me on this new lifestyle. This, for me, is not a diet. I don't restrict anything I eat or count macros. I just only eat clean and smart. And to be honest, I have a new goal that I will never reach because it is never-ending. My final goal is to challenge myself every day and to continue this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I think most people know how to eat smart and healthy but talking about it is one thing - actually doing it is another. I am totally committed to this new life I have discovered, and I hope to be able to continue to help my family and friends on their journeys, and hopefully motivate some people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle because I can say if you truly commit, you will never be happier.

Please feel free to share anything else you’d like to add about your fitness journey!

J.J.: Cardio was always the one thing holding me back. It was my easy "excuse" to not lose the belly, and some days, not even work out because I didn't wanna do cardio. Now, with the TC100, cardio is the thing that I look forward to the most. It has provided me with an excitement about fitness and has become the driving force behind this lifestyle change. Once my confidence started to soar, because of the BowFlex TreadClimber, I’ve learned to keep pushing myself in all aspects of my life - professionally, personally, in the gym, with my family - everything! I feel myself changing in a positive way each and every day, and TC100 was the "thing" that gave me that final push to realize I have no excuse. So get up each day and attack it. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BOWFLEX.

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