The Three Minute Get Out of Bed Workout

Posted On Feb 15, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Fit Tip Thursday: The Three Minute Get Out of Bed Workout

Looking for a mobility workout that will return flexibility to the hips, limbs and core? Through the night, our bodies typically move in different positions which are uncomfortable and taxing to mobility in our body. This quick three-minute workout was built to return maneuverability to the body and keep us limber as we begin the day. Join Fitness Advisor Amy Dixon and the BowFlex Fitness Crew for this three-minute "Get Out of Bed" workout.

EXERCISE #1: Bring your feet about hip distance apart. Start with a hip extension into a hip hinge. Bring your hands to your lower back, send your hips up into the sky, and hinge at the hips. Remember to Inhale and exhale through this exercise. Take your time, keep a slight bend in the knee. Your spine should be long. As you're starting to feel better, move your speed up just a bit.

EXERCISE #2: Hip Circles. Starting with the right leg, open up the hips with a big range of motion if you can. Breathe into the big circle, seeing how circular you can take the knee. Slow it down and take your time. This exercise helps bring mobility back to the hips.

EXERCISE #3: Hug the knees into the chest. Pull in one knee at a time, lift, and bring it back down. You'll feel your glutes start to wake up with this exercise. Remember to keep breathing.

EXERCISE #4: Open up the chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together while inhaling. Then exhale and push through with the arms. Really work through the rib cage.

EXERCISE #5: Keeping your knees forward, rotate left and right from the rib cage. Nice easy twists to start. Try not to let your legs move at all. Slowly, see if you can increase the range of motion with this exercise. Breathe into the twist. Once you're feeling loose, make the exercise bigger by letting the feet move. Allow a pivot throughout the entire body. Swinging through, allow movement and rotation to start at the feet.

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