The Three Minute TV Commercial Core Workout

Posted On Mar 1, 2018 By Tom Holland

The Three Minute TV Commercial Core Workout

Crunched for time? Getting ab workouts in while you’re watching your favorite TV show is the way to go. Think of how many commercials you watch on a daily basis. In the time it takes to watch these commercials, you can sculpt your abs at the same time! You don't need an hour, or even a half hour block of time to get in a great workout. Breaking it up into smaller chunks of time is just as beneficial and makes incorporating fitness into our daily lives that much easier. If you're looking to increase your cardio, lose weight and strengthen your abdominals, try out this three-minute core workout featuring BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland. No equipment required.

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Traditional Crunch

The traditional crunch has been around forever, and for good reason. It works! So take your time, breathe throughout the entire exercise, really engage the abdominals with a small range of motion. Focus on form. There is no need to do a full sit up position; just a tiny crunch with focused abdominal engagement.


You can choose to utilize a straight arm plank or a bent arm plank. The key is to keep your body as straight and aligned as possible. This exercise engages your core while also working your lower back. If you need to take breaks, drop down on to your knees, push back, rest, and then come back up into plank position.

Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is one of the most effective abdominal exercises. It works all three ranges of the abdominals, at the same time. Opposite elbow to opposite knee. Make sure to take your time with these exercise and make each repetition count. Form makes all the difference. No need to aim for speed. Aim for quality over quantity.

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