Three Exercises you can Start Doing Today to Burn Fat

Posted On Mar 3, 2016 By Tom Holland

Three Exercises you can Start Doing Today to Burn Fat

Just about everyone, myself included, would like to burn off some excess body fat. One great way to accomplish this is by adding plyometric elements, or jumping, to our traditional exercises. Moving our bodyweight through space significantly increases the intensity of the movement, elevating our heart rates and burning more calories, both during the workout as well as after the session has ended.

One important note of caution: Jumping makes these moves more advanced as well. Make sure you warm up beforehand and always work at your fitness level. Begin by doing a few controlled repetitions of each move followed by an extended active recovery, such as jogging easily in place. Utilize good form at all times, stopping and resting when you can no longer maintain proper body positioning.

Add repetitions as you gradually become stronger at each movement, performing these three exercises in a circuit-style workout.


  1. Pop Squats
  2. Jump Lunges
  3. Burpees

Sample Circuits:

  1. Beginner: 1-10 repetitions of each exercise, depending on your fitness level, done 1-3 times through, jogging in place for 30-60 seconds in between exercises
  2. Advanced: 10-20 repetitions of each exercise done 5-10 times through, jogging in place for 10-30 seconds in between exercises

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