The Two-Minute Hard Core Abs Workout

Posted On Jun 23, 2016 By Tom Holland

The Two-Minute Hard Core Abs Workout

When it comes to working the abdominals, I like to focus on performing multiple short micro-workouts rather than long, drawn-out, boring ab sessions. I mix them into my strength workouts by doing a set or two in between strength exercises (rather than only doing them at the end, when I'm tired, as most people tend to do.) I also like to do several short core workouts throughout the day: a few minutes in the morning before work, a few minutes at the office, and my favorite time, doing a few sets at night while watching television. Each session is relatively short, yet it all adds up.

Ready for a challenging two-minute core workout? Here are four ab exercises (Double Crunch, Cross-Crunch, Rope Climb and Corkscrew) that you will do for 30 seconds each, without any breaks:

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