Fit Tip Thursday: How to do a Perfect Bench Press

Posted On Apr 23, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: How to do a Perfect Bench Press

Walk into any gym on the first day of the week and you will inevitably have a difficult time getting on a weight bench. So much so, that Mondays are often referred to as "Bench Press Day" by fitness professionals, due to the inordinate number of people performing this exercise. Why is the bench press so popular? A few reasons.

  1. It is A Phenomenal Exercise. Known as a multi-joint exercise, the bench press works the chest, shoulders and triceps, maximizing your workout time.
  2. It Builds Muscle Quickly. Whether you are a guy trying to add muscle or a woman looking to tone, the bench press is extremely effective at doing both.
  3. Anyone Can Do It. From novice exercisers to professional athletes, teenagers to octogenarians, everyone can perform the bench press by modifying it for their specific fitness levels and goals.
  4. It Feels Good. Let's be honest, there is a certain satisfaction, both mentally and physically, that comes from repeatedly pushing challenging amounts of weight up over our bodies.

Yet, just as with all exercises, there are certain rules to follow to ensure you maximize your results while minimizing your chance of injury. Here are a few of the basics:

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