Bodyweight Cardio and Core Workout

Posted On Feb 17, 2023 By Amy Kiser Schemper

women jumping in synchrony

As a trainer, I love incorporating different equipment into workouts. We can add variety and challenge our bodies by pressing a dumbbell, swinging a kettlebell, or deadlifting a barbell. However, it's important to remember we can still get a lot done with no equipment at all! Whether you're away from your equipment while traveling, or just needing a break from the heavy stuff, bodyweight workouts can be tough and fun!

This cardio core workout features a standing cardio exercise paired with a complimentary mat core exercise to keep your heart pumping and your abs working. Alternate between the two to keep it moving up and down or do all the cardio exercises followed by all the mat core exercises if that feels more fluid.

Bodyweight Cardio and Core Workout Exercises

Do each exercise for 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest, for three rounds.

  1. Jumping jack/Plank jack
  2. Squat Cross Knee/ Bicycle
  3. Forward Kick/V-Up
  4. High Knees/Mountain climber
  5. Skater/Side plank rotation