Stretches You Should Do Before an Upper Body Workout

Posted On Jun 30, 2016 By Tom Holland

Stretches You Should Do Before an Upper Body Workout

There are two things you should try to do before your strength workouts: a quick cardiovascular warm up and a quick stretch. The cardio will provide numerous benefits including increasing the blood flow to the muscles you will be using, preparing them for the challenges of resistance training. As for stretching, while the research shows that working on your flexibility is best after the workout, doing a few quick stretches beforehand can help loosen up tight muscles, especially if you have been sitting for much of the day:

The goal of your warm up is to maximize the benefits of your exercise session while minimizing your chance of injury, and all it takes is just a few minutes to get your body ready. Here are a few quick stretches you can do before your upper body workout:

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