1 Minute Partner Push Up Workout

Posted On Jun 28, 2018 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday. Two women performing push ups. Partner Push up Workout

Push ups are one of the most effective exercises you can do, which is one reason they have been around forever. They require no equipment, you can do them anywhere, and they can be modified for beginners all the way up to the advanced exerciser.

Push ups are a functional exercise, which means they will help you with your everyday activities. They are also a compound exercise, one that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, (chest, shoulders, triceps and core,) maximizing your time and your results.

The only thing better than the push up? Doing push ups with a partner.

Here is another quick, fun and effective workout you can do with a friend, spouse, or even one of your children:

1 Minute Partner Push Up Workout

Video Transcription

Hi I'm Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness adviser.

This is the one minute partner push up workout. We're gonna do three sets, ten seconds each and they're gonna alternate. Bo and Steph doing ten seconds of push ups.

This is a great workout that you can do with your friend with your spouse, your husband, your wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, even your kids.

So one person's gonna do ten seconds the other person's gonna rest and they're gonna alternate back and forth. Three sets worth, ten seconds each. one minute. we're done.

So we're gonna start with Bo. Bo's gonna start. Ready and begin. Ten seconds of push ups. Steph will wait and when Bo is finished Steph will begin.

Great. And the great thing about time again...

Ready and begin Steph.

Bo you rest.

Is you do what you can do. You may do three push ups, you may do five, you may do one on the final one. That's okay.

Ready and switch. Round two. Great.

Bo is off her knees. She's doing what she can do.

Steph is gonna modify them.

And switch.

Great job, great job. Finishing up round two.

Such a simple yet powerful exercise the push up.

Three, two, one and final round. Ten seconds.

Great job bo. Do what you can do. Awesome, awesome, awesome. So Bo is doing them off her knees really challenging herself.

Three, Two and switch. final set.

Awesome job, Bo. Rest.

Three sets, ten seconds.

Three, two give me one last one and awesome.

And there you have it. The one-minute partner push up workout


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