A person walking a dog outside.

Fit Tip: Stress Relief Outside

Posted On May 4, 2020 By Carolyn Gallagher

'Stay at home' orders are being implemented all over the globe to slow the spread of COVID-19. Countless people’s lives have been affected as we have been separated from friends and family, children are out of school, parents... Read More
A woman performing crunches.

Fit Tip: With Great Challenge Comes Great Opportunity

Posted On Mar 26, 2020 By Tom Holland

We are living in unprecedented times. Scary times. There is the fear of the unknown and the challenge of your life being turned completely upside-down.... Read More
A person performing a deadlift.

Fit Tip: Leg Day Pain: DOMS Explained

Posted On Mar 23, 2020 By Carolyn Gallagher

You've heard the jokes, you've seen the memes, you've felt the pain, but still you may wonder why does leg day hurt so much?... Read More
A person running outside

Fit Tip: 3 Hacks For New Runners

Posted On Mar 18, 2020 By Lisa Traugott

Spring is an excellent time to get running. The weather is moderate and the days are (finally) getting longer. If you've never run before (or haven't run in awhile) here are some tips... Read More
people in a gym using kettlebells

Fit Tip: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated

Posted On Mar 2, 2020 By Carolyn Gallagher

One question I get asked quite frequently is, "how do you stay motivated after reaching your initial fitness goals?" The truth is… it’s hard! Once you’ve checked off... Read More