Lunch On The Road

Posted On Jun 29, 2018 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Lunch On The Road

I anticipated lunch being the most challenging meal of the day during my 8-day road trip and it was, but not as bad as I thought. The first four days were easy because I pre-packed grilled chicken and veggies in containers and had pre-cut lots of raw vegetables. This idea of prepacking and prepping full meals in advance is a great habit to implement on a regular basis at home too.

I also had Fawen ready to drink soups, Primal Thin sweet cream bars (my guilty pleasure at 130 filling calories with plenty of fiber and protein), and macadamia nuts to hold me over, if I needed a snack.

All of these items are low or no-sugar yet satisfying and easy to pack. We went out to lunch one day and although we had been hiking all morning and the sandwiches on the menu were tempting, I stayed on track going with a grilled chicken salad. Pico de gallo is my safe salad dressing alternative, especially at restaurants when you can’t check all the ingredients.

As a side note, when eating out, don’t be afraid to ask for different combinations or variations of menu items. I always preface my order with something like “This is going to be a high maintenance request” and typically the waitstaff is receptive and obliges happily. I think as long as you let them know, most restaurants and servers are happy to oblige and may even offer some suggestions to help you get what you need.

Later on in the trip, lunch was turkey lunch meat (with no-sugars added), a cheese stick, sliced tomatoes, and a small piece of fruit. Simple and usually satisfying, although most days I had a mid-afternoon snack of nuts, a bar, or roasted edamame.

Some additional options, depending on your dietary needs and health goals:

  • Wraps: Using high fiber or gluten-free (if needed), loaded with veggies and a lean protein
  • Single serve pouches of nut butters paired with apple slices, celery, or baby carrots
  • Jerky
  • Single serve guacamole and/or hummus cups with raw veggies. Hummus is a slightly higher carb snack or addition to lunch but if you’re being active, your body needs a few extra carbs for fuel. Check the label on both guacamole and hummus to make sure there’s no added sugars.
  • Hard-boiled eggs

As you can see, with a little planning, you can have plenty of variety, stay on track, and keep your body fueled during busy days on the road!