Fit Tip: How To Stay Motivated When Results Slow Down

Posted On Mar 27, 2019 By James White

Fit Tip: How To Stay Motivated When Results Slow Down - Two women giving each other a high-five.

So you started the New Year with a bang. You found a workout plan and set out to make big changes this year. The first couple weeks were hard, but you were energized and motivated. Then you skipped a workout. No big deal right? It's just ONE workout. If you get back on track it's no problem.

But that's rarely the case. One missed workout becomes an entire week if you aren't careful. That momentum you had in the beginning is not as strong. You need to get it together before all your hard work is wasted.

The question is: how do you stay motivated when results slow down?

Stick to the Plan

Before you try to completely overhaul your routine, go back and read over the plan. If you have a solid program in place, you need to give it time to work. Every good plan requires more than a few weeks to provide true, lasting results. If your program requires three strength training workouts, followed by two cardio sessions, then do that!

Same goes for your diet. Even if you fell off the wagon for a few days, always remember this: “you are only one meal away from getting back on track.” Stick to the plan for a few months before trying anything new.

Look Back at Your Progress

There are many ways to measure progress. Most people focus on weight loss of course, but there are better ways to keep your motivation high. One way is to check your training journal to count up all the workouts you completed. Just the simple act of looking back at how much time and effort you've already put into your routine will give you a nice jolt of enthusiasm. It's so simple yet often overlooked. Give yourself a boost of pride by thinking about how far you've already come.

The other way to measure your progress is by your strength. Are you lifting more weight in your strength training exercises compared to when you started? This is a great way to track progress because there's no grey area. You either lift more weight or you don't. If you followed your program for even a few weeks, chances are that you have gotten stronger. Take a moment to feel good about that accomplishment.

Find an Accountability Partner

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to find someone you can count on to hold you accountable. It could be a friend, family member, trainer, coach, or an online forum. The key is to choose someone you know will call you out if you miss a workout. One of the main reasons people hire personal trainers is the accountability. You are much more likely to show up for your training session when you have someone waiting for you, and you've paid for it.

If you can't find anyone to meet you at the gym, you could also try one of the online forums or communities for accountability. There are plenty of free groups online that will allow you to check-in at the gym or record your workout for other members to view. The method you choose isn't important, just pick one that you believe will work for you.

3 Keys to Staying Motivated When Progress Slows Down

  1. Stick with the plan
  2. Look back at your progress
  3. Find an accountability partner

Remember fitness is a lifestyle, not a 6-week solution. There will always be plateaus. Just don't stay there for long. Everyone wants quick results but they don't last forever. Stay the course. Use the simple tips in this article to keep yourself motivated. You've come a long way already. Keep it going as you work to achieve your fitness goals!

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