How to Combine Cardio and Strength with Dumbbells – Part 2

Posted On Mar 15, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

How to Combine Cardio and Strength with Dumbbells - Part 2

Cardio and strength don't have to be mutually exclusive. In Part 1 of our two-part video series, How to Combine Cardio and Strength with Dumbbells, BowFlex Fitness Advisor Amy Dixon walked us through a workout routine that alternates a classic dumbbell row exercise with a dumbbell skater exercise. When performed back to back, these two movements provide strength and conditioning, as well as cardio in one quick workout.

In Part 2 of the series, Amy introduces us to a flow workout. Flows combine exercises in a way that is completely fluid, allowing for smooth transitions from one exercise to the next. In a way, it may look and feel like a choreographed workout routine. The greatest benefit of flow workouts is that they require strength, cardio and mobility all at the same time, making them one of the most effective functional fitness routines. With full body movements, you'll get a highly efficient workout in less time.

Check out the video below.

Pro Tips: Practice makes perfect. You may find difficulty getting into the flow with this routine. It may start a bit bumpy with the transitions, but keep practicing the movements until you develop fluid muscle memory. Patience is key. You can do it!

Transverse Lunge

A transverse lunge works the glutes, as well as the quads. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, face forward with arms hanging at your sides with inward-facing palms. Step back, rotating your torso and planted leg, pivoting on your planted foot. Press through the heel, returning to the starting position.

Tricep Extension

A tricep extension works the triceps. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, use both hands to grab the dumbbell and lift overhead until both arms are extended. Lower the weight behind your head using your forearms, with the upper arms remaining stationary.

Jumping Jack

The jumping jack is a great full body movement. When combined with a dumbbell? It's even better. Upon transitioning from the tricep extension, bring the dumbbell up to your chest. With a jumping jack motion, extend the dumbbell up over your head. Be sure to bring the dumbbell fully to the chest position before taking off into the jumping jack.

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