5 Ways Home Workouts Beat Going to the Gym

Posted On Feb 21, 2024 By Lisa Traugott

man running on a treadmill

Not sure if you want to join a gym or invest in equipment? Getting and staying fit is easier than ever in the comfort of your own home. Here are five benefits to working out at home.

#1 It's budget friendly.

Gym memberships come with steep sign-up fees, unending monthly charges, and additional costs to hire a personal trainer. Investing in a pair of SelectTech® adjustable weights (a one-time expense) and a JRNY® membership will give you access to hundreds of motivating, trainer-led classes at a fraction of the cost and get you toned up in no time! Consider adding an adjustable bench to increase your exercise options.

#2 It’s convenient.

When you exercise at home, the "gym" is always open. A home gym lets you work out whenever it works for you, and you'll never have to wait in line for the right weight or your favorite stationary bike.

#3 There’s less pressure.

In the privacy of your own home, you can be assured that no one will insert themselves into your workout to "help" you with your form. You can increase or decrease weight settings or speed up or slow down without judgment. You can fully tune in to your body's needs and enjoy your workout.

Woman in a home using a Max Trainer.

#4 It fits your space.

Some people worry that they need an entire garage or spare room to get fit at home. But that's just not true. The space-saving design of SelectTech dumbbells and kettlebells replaces multiple weights with one adjustable set. Or if you're looking for a cardio machine, the Max Total® 16 is compact and sleek. BowFlex provides lots of options that easily fit into a corner of your home.

#5 It's just as motivating.

When you sign up for a JRNY fitness membership, you get access to dozens of customized workouts led by trained coaches to help motivate you and celebrate your fitness milestones.

Whether you take a trainer-led class, try an adaptive workout, or get in a strength-training, yoga or bodyweight session with JRNY, you will get plenty of motivation, plus feel healthier and stronger—no gym required!