A woman working out on a Bowflex Velocore indoor cycling bike.

Fit Tip: 7 Tips to Maximize your cycling workouts

Posted On Apr 23, 2021 By Bowflex Insider Team

You’ve purchased your stationary bike and it’s all set up and ready to go. You’re excited to get started and for good reason – Indoor cycling is a fun and effective form of cardiovascular exercise. Although... Read More
A man riding a Bowflex indoor cycling bike.

Fit Tip: Top 4 Specific Workout Goals

Posted On Mar 29, 2021 By Tom Holland

When someone asks me how they should structure their personal workout routine, posing questions such as how many times per week they should work out, what strength exercises they should... Read More
A green smoothie.

Fit Tip: 5 Tips Making Healthy Food Exciting

Posted On Feb 24, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

I once heard a comedian refer to dieting as “eating kale and sadness”. Can you relate? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be sad or boring. Spice up your meals with five easy hacks.... Read More
A woman using her phone while eating.

Taking Accountability For Your Health

Posted On Feb 10, 2021 By Bowflex Insider Team

The new year brings with it a sense of added pressure to get into the best shape of your life – if you’re not already – achieve goals you’ve been putting off, or become a new, enhanced version of yourself. That added anxiety is not... Read More
A woman exercising with headphones.

Fit Tip: 5 Tips Pushing Through A Tough Workout

Posted On Feb 8, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

One year for Christmas my mother gave me a joke gift – an “Easy” button. You would push it and it said, “That was easy!” Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an easy button? Totally could have used it for the last year as 2020 was... Read More