Get Spring Break Abs

Posted On Mar 7, 2016 By Joel Harper

Get Spring Break Abs

We all are going to be putting on our swimsuits before we know it - Are you ready? If you don't have time to go to the gym, no worries. This workout will get your abs popping in no time. The key to making it happen is consistency.

Do this video every day for the next 10 days. Your goal is to burn to a number 10 each time you do it (1 equals "I don't feel it at all," and 10 means "it is burning big time"). Each time you crunch, lift from your shoulders not from your head. Your head just comes along because your shoulders are lifting. I don't want you to feel it in your neck at all. It's going to be challenging, but don't stop! Stick with the burn and do the entire workout from beginning to end.

Throughout the workout make sure you follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep your abs pulled in throughout, as if you have a tight pair of jeans on.
  2. Take your hands and interweave your fingers and completely hold your head like you are holding a bowling ball. Make sure your neck is relaxed and not doing any work.
  3. Breath consistently and try to talk out loud with a normal voice, so if someone was in the other room they couldn't tell you were exercising.
  4. Keep your face and shoulders relaxed. You want to move the tension out of your body, not anywhere else.

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