The Four-Minute Advanced Level Ab Workout

Posted On Jan 5, 2017 By Tom Holland

The Four-Minute Advanced Level Ab Workout

It's that time of year again — New Year's Resolutions. January means a brand new start and a brand new you. Losing weight and achieving a flat stomach is often on many people's list of goals, and we at BowFlex are here to help.

2017 will be all about you getting in short, effective workouts throughout your day. You are busy and we know that. We will continue to provide you with workouts that are just a few minutes long, but don't be fooled: They are challenging and they will get you results.

If you've done a few of our basic ab workouts and are ready to take your core routine up a notch, this routine is for you:

This advanced level ab workout contains four abdominal exercises:

  1. Rope Climb
  2. Corkscrew
  3. Russian Twist with a Dumbbell
  4. Plank Extensions

You will do each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest, 2 times through for a total workout time of just 4 minutes. The only exercise that requires equipment is the Russian Twist — Hold one moderate weight: dumbbell, medicine ball, kettle bell, etc. Check out BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells and SelectTech kettlebell if you need equipment for this workout.

A great time to do this routine? During the commercial break of your favorite show!

Want more quick workout ideas? Check out our Quick Workouts playlist on our YouTube channel.

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