Fit Tip: Home Office Workout

Posted On Feb 4, 2021 By Amy Kiser Schemper

A woman stretching in her home office.

Working from home? These days, so many of us are. There are many perks to the home office; like comfier clothes, a quick commute to your computer, and your kitchen close by! But for many of us, working from home also means sitting more and moving less. Sure, you might be more likely to get your regular workout in before or after work, such as a video from the BowFlex YouTube channel or logging a few miles on the treadmill, but in terms of our actual workdays, it’s easy for our lifestyles to become even more sedentary than before.

Maybe you’re missing your daily walk around the block to get lunch with coworkers, or something as simple as walking to conference room for a meeting, or taking the stairs to the lobby to meet a client. Or maybe being at home just makes you less aware of the clock and how long you’ve stayed in the same position.

To complicate things even more, many of us have a less than ideal home office set up. Some of us are camped out on our couches or beds with our laptops, or hunched over at the kitchen table. Our backs, necks, shoulders, and hips are getting tight and tense, without proper ergonomics and support.

A woman using a computer while performing a squat.

Regardless if you are working from home or going into an office, statistically you’re likely sitting for too long. Here are a few ways to get you moving throughout your workday to get your energy up, wake up your brain, stretch those overstressed muscles, and just feel better overall.

  1. Set a timer on your phone or computer to remind you to get out of your chair every 30-60 minutes. Even if all you do is stand up, just going from sitting to standing gets your body moving and changing positions.
  2. Have equipment close by for a quick circuit. Keep a resistance band or mini loop band stashed in your desk drawer, or a set of dumbbells underneath your desk. Having some basic fitness tools close by will not only give you a quick burn between calls, but it will remind you to take care of your body during your workday. Getting 5-minute circuits every hour can easily add up to a full 20 or 30-minute workout.
  3. Block off calendar times for breaks. Put your movement on your schedule! Seeing it pop up on your calendar helps you prioritize getting it in.
  4. Stand or walk on your phone calls. While many us spend our day on video meetings, remember a good old-fashioned phone call means you can multi-task. Pop those headphones in and take a lap.
  5. STRETCH. Simple shoulder circles, gentle head and neck rolls, and hip stretches can make a big difference when it comes to getting blood flowing and releasing tension.

Office Workout

Do each for 1 minute.

  1. Roll down reach up
  2. Chair Squat
  3. Push and pull
  4. Knee Cross
  5. Reach Across