Fit Tip: A Beginner's Guide to Working Out

Posted On Dec 16, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

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There’s no better time than now to start a new hobby – including working out. If exercise is a whole new world for you; let us start by saying “we got you.” While in the beginning, it may seem daunting to start a workout program, once you get the hang of it we can confidently say that you will reap the benefits. Exercise is not all about weight loss – it positively impacts our mental health, combats health conditions and diseases, and boosts energy.

First things first – learn the basics. The elements of F.I.T.T. (frequency, intensity, time and type) are a good standard to get your workout program, and you, up and running:

  • Frequency: To reap the benefits of exercise, consistency is key. Start by doing cardio once a week and strength training once a week – then over time work your way up to three times a week for each.
  • Intensity: You don’t need to run a 5-minute mile right off the bat. Do what makes you comfortable in the beginning but hold yourself accountable to add intensity as you progress. Over time, you can gradually make workouts more intense by running faster or adding heavier weights.
  • Time: Workouts do not need to be an hour long – instead, start by doing 15 to 30 minute workouts to build up your endurance. Each week add on a few more minutes to push yourself a little bit farther.
  • Type: Exercise is all-encompassing. You can dance, run, walk, cycle, hula hoop, or swim – the list goes on. However, it is important to add workout variation for two reasons. First, by doing both cardio and strength training (cross-training) you ensure that you are working every muscle in your body. Second, doing the same thing every day gets boring. By switching up your workouts, you fight boredom burnout and energize the mind.
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To help jumpstart your workouts, we’ve compiled a list of BowFlex YouTube workouts. Additionally, BowFlex Fitness Advisor, Tom Holland, walks you through how to plan out your weekly workouts to ensure your muscles are getting enough rest time.


Strength Training:


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