The Four-Minute Advanced Plank Workout

Posted On Feb 16, 2017 By Tom Holland

The Four-Minute Advanced Plank Workout

Not too long ago we gave you the Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout, which as of today has over 1.5 million views on YouTube and counting. That's awesome. I believe the future of fitness is more people doing shorter workouts spread throughout the day – The popularity of these videos is proof positive that we are moving in that direction.

So if you haven't tried the Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout yet, start there. If you have done it already or feel you are strong enough to try something even more challenging, this week's workout is for you. Sixty seconds longer, more advanced moves, a core workout that you can do anywhere, at any time:

This workout consists of four variations of the plank, with a few optional modifications thrown in to really challenge your entire core from all angles.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Plank — 45 Seconds
  2. 15 seconds rest
  3. Side Plank — 30 seconds per side (optional crunch)
  4. 15 seconds rest
  5. Two-Point Plank — 45 Seconds (optional rotation)
  6. 15 seconds rest
  7. Spider-man Plank — 45 seconds (optional kick out)

If you need to take a break during one of the planks, just place your knees on the ground and rest for a bit, then once you’re ready go back into the plank.

Want more quick workout ideas? Check out our Quick Workouts playlist on our YouTube channel.

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