Dumbbell Row For Beginners

Posted On Aug 10, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

Dumbbell Row For Beginners

The dumbbell row is one of the most versatile upper body exercises one can perform. This important exercise strengthens the upper back and thickens the middle muscle fibers, helping counteract posture issues and rounded shoulders. Ready to add the two-arm dumbbell row to your routine? Let's get started!

Narrow Row

Start with feet about hip distance apart, knees bent slightly. With dumbbells in hand and palms facing the torso, hinge at the hips while maintaining a long spine.

Keeping the shoulders rolled back, perform a row by squeezing the shoulder blades together with elbows driving to the back.

Wide Arm Row

Rotate the dumbbells so that your knuckles are facing forward. Continue to maintain the length in the spine. Perform the exercise with the same instruction as the Narrow Row. A simple shift in hand direction will provide additional benefit by targeting a different set of muscle fibers.


  • Form is everything. An exercise performed correctly is far more valuable than an exercise performed poorly. Although your arms are creating the motion, concentrate on squeezing from the back muscles – not the arms.
  • Never round the back.
  • When in doubt, always use less weight.

Perform this exercise correctly, and your upper back will thank you!

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