Deadlifts For Beginners

Posted On Jul 27, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

Deadlifts For Beginners

Have you always wanted to learn about deadlifts, but didn't know where to begin? You're not alone! The deadlift is a full-body exercise used for developing strength to support all major muscle groups, providing one of the most effective workouts possible. We will show you the fundamentals of the deadlift by demonstrating a classic hip hinge exercise with BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells.

Note: Learning how to hinge before using dumbbells in this exercise enhances safety. Proper form will prevent injury and help build powerful legs and hips.

How to Deadlift

Start with your feet a little bit wider than hip distance. Stand tall and roll your shoulders back. With a slight bend in the knees, hinge at the hips keeping a long spine. The key is to create length from the tailbone to the crown of your head.

Pro Tip: Proper form is the most important of all! Ensure that you have core control, and watch for your shoulders rounding. Remember to keep your chest lifted.

Once you become comfortable with this exercise, you'll really notice the benefits. Enjoy greater strength, an improved posture and a killer set of legs!

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