How to Work Abs into Your BowFlex Max Trainer Workout

Posted On Oct 13, 2016 By Tom Holland

How to work abs into your BowFlex Max Trainer Workout - Fit Tip Thursday with Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness Advisor

If you want a flat stomach, you need to burn calories through cardiovascular exercise and sculpt your abdominal muscles with movements that target the midsection. The great news is that you can do both with your BowFlex Max Trainer. Here are two ways to add an ab focus to your Max Trainer workout:

As shown in the video above, these are two great ways to add abs into your BowFlex Max Trainer workout:

  1. Hand positioning and focusing on ab engagement: By changing your hand positions throughout the workout (high, low, middle) and focusing on really engaging your core muscles you can target different areas of your abdominals.
  2. Ab intervals: Add short ab breaks into your workout. For example: Begin a manual workout on the Max Trainer. Then pause the MAX every 2-3 minutes, stepping off and doing 30-60 seconds of abdominal exercises. You could do the standing abdominal workout we posted a few weeks ago, ab exercises on the floor or a combination of the two.

Find the method that works best for you. It may end up being a mixture of both. Switch up your Max Trainer workouts to maximize your enjoyment as well as your results!

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