12 Different Ab Exercises for Your Ab Workout

Posted On Jan 7, 2016 By Tom Holland

12 Different Ab Exercises for Your Ab Workout

I started doing ab exercises at home when I was 14 years old, after reading about a football player who did 300 every day. Now, after having been in the fitness industry for over two decades, I have pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to sculpting the midsection. (This includes doing 2,000 ab moves per session together with an actor-client in New York City many years ago.)

When it comes to ab exercises though, what I have learned is that, like so many other aspects of fitness, it's the basic moves that are often the most effective. Just a few minutes of well-executed core exercises done throughout the week will yield big results over time. Here are 12 timeless moves to choose from:

Here's a rundown of the ab exercises that are shown in this video:

  1. Crunch
  2. Side Crunch
  3. Reverse Crunch
  4. Double Crunch
  5. Bicycle Crunch
  6. Reach Through
  7. Rope Climb
  8. Cross Crunch
  9. Corkscrew
  10. Plank
  11. Spiderman Plank
  12. Side Plank

I recommend doing 3-5 different variations per session, doing each for about 30-60 seconds, and mixing them up in each session to keep your ab workouts fresh.