BowFlex Insider


Posted On Oct 18, 2013 By Chad Martin

There are many myths and misconceptions about stretching. Most weekend warriors don't realize the benefits of stretching or the role it plays in being more than just a warm-up activity. Think of your muscles like rubber bands. When the rubber... Read More

"Prehab": Three Exercises That Will Keep You Pain-Free

Posted On Oct 17, 2013 By Tom Holland

Injury Prevention
Far too many people experience pain throughout their lifetime, suffering injuries that can lead to weeks and weeks of rehabilitation with a physical therapist. For example, experts say that at least 80 percent of people will experience back pain at... Read More

Leg Extension Don'ts

Posted On Oct 10, 2013 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

Leg Extension Dos and Don'ts
Good old leg extensions. They are such a seemingly simple exercise aren't they? But if they are so simple, then why do so many people perform them incorrectly? There are a lot of ways to mess up the leg extension, but... Read More

Treadmill Workout in just 10 Minutes

Posted On Sep 17, 2013 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

A fit woman performing a treadmill workout on a BowFlex treadmill.
If you're bored of your treadmill workout and are looking for something short and intense, try this 10 minute workout!... Read More

BowFlex UpperCut Moves to Try at Home

Posted On Sep 5, 2013 By Chad Martin

A fit man using a BowFlex Uppercut.
It seems like the fitness industry is always progressing and developing effective fitness equipment, such as the BowFlex UpperCut with A.R.C. technology that—according to a Southern California University study—activates up to 30 percent more muscles, enables up to 4X as... Read More