How to Improve Your Endurance

Posted On Jun 10, 2014 By Joel Harper

how to improve your athletic endurance

So are you ready to pump it up to the next level? Let's move our focus onto ENDURANCE. Endurance gives you the ability to roll with the punches, bite the bullet, face adversity courageously, persevere against the odds and bounce back. All of these are key ingredients to endurance and competing in life. I could go on and on, but the big question is what gives people athletic endurance?

Genetics may play a part in it, but I have found that each and every one of us has the power within. It all boils down to our daily habits that we do over and over again. Not just on game day, but every day. You can't have endurance without focus, and focus is about repeating healthy habits over and over again – week in and week out.

It's time to fine-tune your healthy habits. Here are four questions that I ask my private clients before each and every session to see where they are before we work out:

  1. What is your energy level? Stress level?
  2. How much water have you had since our last session?
  3. How well did you sleep? Eat?
  4. Do you have any tension in your body?

My clients rate themselves from 1-10 (10 being the best), and that determines how we go about achieving a 9-10 workout. If they answered YES to #4 (Do you have any tension in your body?), I must immediately focus on getting rid of that tension, before it spreads, injures them, or distracts them from reaching a 10 workout.

I look at tension in your body like having food in your teeth. You would immediately floss it out, right? I hope so. The same goes for tension in your body – you need to learn the proper exercises and stretches to make that tension evaporate. Also, if you were to continue to rate yourself at a 3-4 on a regular basis on any of the four questions, then we need to step back and look into your daily habits. If you are continuously feeling fatigue or pain, and have frequent colds, this is a red flag that you need to microscopically analyze. If you don't, it will certainly affect your endurance, and you will need to balance out your body and rid negative habits that you may have bringing your overall average down.

Once you get a good grasp on keeping your numbers up, you can dig within and find what you are passionate about. Whatever the answer is, that is what makes you unique and will propel you forward with laser focus. Once you have this clarity, the noise of life gets out of the way and your goals can turn into reality because you are willing to do the day-in and day-out work.

The clients I have that are at the top of their fields share the same thing in common. They find that people want what they have, but they don't want to start where they came from.