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A Guide to the Mediterranean Diet

Posted On Aug 12, 2020 By Bowflex Insider Team

Cooked fish with a side salad.
When you hear the word diet, you likely think of a regimented meal plan or a weight loss-oriented way of eating. What makes the Mediterranean diet unique is that it’s actually not a diet at all. Rather... Read More

Fit Tip: 6 Minute Total Body Bodyweight Circuit

Posted On Aug 10, 2020 By Tom Holland

A woman performing a bicycle crunch.
If these challenging times have taught us anything, it’s that exercising at home is sometimes the only option, with just the equipment you have on hand. I have been saying it for years now, that the future... Read More

Fit Tip: Working Out With Your Kids

Posted On Aug 6, 2020 By Amy Kiser Schemper

A woman and her child
Working out with kids? Seems impossible, right? And the truth is, sometimes it feels like it is! But with a few helpful tips you might be able to get your exercise time in and get your kids moving too.... Read More

Scallops - It's What's For Dinner

Posted On Aug 5, 2020 By Brandy Gales

Seared scallops on a plate
I think we can all agree that Scallops are just as much of a delicacy as they are an intimidating dish to cook. That is until you realize all you need is a non-stick skillet and patience. I don’t... Read More

The Ultimate Avocado Toast

Posted On Jul 31, 2020 By Brandy Gales

Avocado toast
I love eggs in any form, honestly, and luckily so do my children. This recipe came to be after Easter Sunday when I had a ton of leftover hard boiled eggs that I wanted to use up but in a new healthier way. The bacon... Read More