march maddness

Break a Sweat During March Mayhem Madness!

Posted On Mar 18, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

Every year basketball fans come together from near and far to watch the games that make up March Mayhem Madness. Perhaps one of the maddest parts of the whole endeavor is that with all the activity on the court, fans... Read More
good vs. bad exercises

Good vs. Bad Exercises

Posted On Mar 17, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

Very rarely can an exercise be described with a blanket statement as being good or bad. The real question is in what context is it good or bad? Some seemingly bad exercises can be good in certain situations, and some... Read More
skeleton good health

3 New Reasons to Lift Weights

Posted On Mar 13, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

We all know that strength training can produce muscle hypertrophy, which not only makes us stronger, but is a big part of what makes us look attractive. So why don't more people strength train?  Somehow, the health benefits of strength training... Read More
The best cardio workout

The Best Cardio Workout

Posted On Mar 7, 2014 By Tom Holland

If there's one question people ask me over and over again when it comes to getting in shape, it's "What is the best …?" This goes for everything from "What is the best exercise to sculpt your abs?" to "What... Read More
Get fit faster with Tabata intervals

Get Fit Faster With Tabata Intervals- The 4-minute Fix

Posted On Feb 25, 2014 By Joe Vennare

How long should a workout take? Ideally, this said workout actually produces results. Something along the lines of losing fat, building muscle or improving conditioning. That sounds like work. And work takes time. So we're probably looking at an hour... Read More