Two women laughing.

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Posted On Jan 12, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Deadlines at work, family commitments and staring down a long winter can make anyone feel stressed. Relax! Here are five simple ways to boost your mood.... Read More
A woman in her home reading.

22 Resolutions in 2022

Posted On Jan 4, 2022 By Lisa Traugott

Find your happy jeans. A lot of us get hung up on the weight on the scale. If this drives you nuts, stop weighing yourself and just determine which jeans make you feel happiest. Eat well and exercise so they feel comfy.... Read More
A father and daughter next to a Christmas tree.

Mental Health During the Holidays

Posted On Dec 14, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

The holidays, while wonderful, can also be a time of great anxiety and stress. Pressure to cook, clean, decorate, entertain, organize schedules between modern families and shop for the vey best gifts was already bad enough, but... Read More
Soccer kids drinking water.

5 Things Kids Learn from Sports

Posted On Oct 12, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

Kids are back to school and sports are in full swing. Sure, everyone knows that sports help them stay physically fit, but here are some other benefits you might not realize your child gains.... Read More
A woman using a Velocore indoor cycling bike.

Unlock the Power in Your "WHY?"

Posted On Jun 21, 2021 By Breann Mitchell

Do you have a goal you are working towards? Probably a silly question, we all have goals, but I’ll share a scenario I’m sure we can all identify with... Read More